1. The 211 Contact Centre.

2. Information Technology Training.

3. Employment Exchange Bureau.

4. Medical Transcription and Data Entry Unit.

5. Facility Rentals.


The 211 Contact Centre:

Competent Staff, Courteous Service, Accurate Information. Provides 24-hour access to real time information where residents and visitors to Tobago can dial these three (3) digits, 211, to gain toll-free access to a wide range of services provided in Tobago, and Trinidad by extension.

Information Technology Training:

We offer our expertise and guidance to any group or company that desire IT training or retraining for their members’ development. Specializing in MS Office, basic and advanced. A+, N+ and CCNA Certification preparation.

Employment Exchange Bureau (EXB):

Popularly known as “Tobago Jobs,” the EXB can easily be accessed via its website http://www.tobagojobs.gov.tt. Used by employers to post available vacancies within their organizations.This service is also an asset to unemployed jobseekers, as well as employed persons wishing to change careers.

Medical Transcription and Data Entry Unit:

Provides medical transcription services for international and domestic clients.Medical transcription involves translating voice files dictated by a physician into a written form that creates an electronic medical record (EMR) of a person’s medical history, including diagnoses, prognoses, procedures and outcome.Data Entry Services Convert your paper documents and forms to electronic format.

Facilities Rental:

The facilities are available for meetings, staff training, seminars, conferences, social events, wedding receptions, intimate gatherings and small parties.Executive Boardroom.You can still conduct your business while enjoying the clean, green and serenity of Tobago.Our IT Infrastructure and tech support can accommodate video, as well as teleconferences.Training Room. Our Training room is fully equipped with computers and chairs for over 20 persons.