Duration Time
4 weeks

This course provides an introduction to Access and the development of a database. Microsoft Access is a database management systems application software program, which allows users to have a collection of related data (such as phonebook contacts, student records, etc.), organized into tables. Additionally, it (Microsoft Access) allows user to: create and manage tables; perform queries on data and create additional ones as the need arises; enforce the integrity of data; View reports on the data and create new ones.

Key Features
Prerequistes: Successfully completed Pre-Basic Assessment
Recommeded: Successfully completed Computer Knowledge & Internet course
2 hours per session (M/W or T/TH or Sat)
10am - 12am | 5pm - 7pm | 9am - 12am (Saturday only)
Access 2013
Access Overview 2 hours
Database Views 3 hours
Tables 45 min
Forms 60 min
Queries 75 min
Importing or Exporting Data 2 hours
Reports 2 hours