Kaylan Moore

  • Job
    I.T Tutor
  • Specialized
    BSc. Computing, Andrews University
  • Experience
    3 years experience
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Kaylan Moore


Over the past few years, the Tobago information Technology Limited (TITL) has allowed Ms. Kaylan Moore the great opportunity to meet and train individuals with differing information technology backgrounds and exposure.



Although she has only been with the company a little over three years, Kaylan has a unique teaching style which is often complimented by her students. Her qualifications and growing knowledge of current and ever evolving information technology, has allowed her to disseminate the content for the respective courses offered with depth, yet ensuring that the material is easily understood.


Kaylan understands the importance of team work and in her down-time has contributed to the artistic design of many brochures and employee handbooks used by TITL today. Another recognizable achievement was her role in ensuring that the company’s Community IT Literacy and Walk-In Programme realized Diamond Standard certification in January 2015.


As she welcomes future students to the institution, Kaylan is eager to help nurture and develop human capital through IT literacy. She believes that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela