I.T. Literacy & Walk-In Centre

Question: Can anyone access these Centres?

Answer: Yes, the Centres can be accessed by the general public.

Question: Is there an age limit for individuals who want to access services offered by the Centres?

Answer: Once the individual is five years or over, he/she can access services provided by the Centres.

Question: Where can I obtain further information?

Answer: For further information, please contact: Information Technology Centre at 1-(868) 639-1987 or Plymouth Multi-Purpose Centre at 1 (868) 639-4013.

Question: The fee structure states that the Platinum subscription level includes unlimited access to resumes and other services … what other services are we talking about?

Answer: In addition to unlimited access to resumes, platinum subscription offers employers unlimited access to the number of jobs that an employer can post.

Question: Do the fee structure options influence the number of jobs you can post?

Answer: Yes, the Platinum Plan is unlimited, the Gold plan is 300 and the Silver is 100.

Question: Is there a set format for posting jobs?

Answer: Yes, but this is defined by the software that powers the Employment Exchange Bureau.

Question: Is there technical support available for employers and job seekers?

Answer: Yes, this can be accessed by calling 211 or by using the contact us email link on the site.

Question: Is there a way to verify that the information is uploaded by both employers and jobseekers?

Answer: Both employers and jobseekers have the ability to view their uploaded information.

Question: How many people are presently accessing the site and/or what are the projected hits?

Answer: At present there are close to 100 employers and jobseekers registered with a projection in excess of 5000 within the first year.

Question: How are the job announcements entered?

Answer: On Subscription, employers are issued with a user account which allows them to enter, update or delete their job postings.

Question: How are the postings updated or deleted?

Answer: Job postings are automatically removed from the Employment Exchange Bureau (EXB) when the expiry date for the submission of applications is reached. However, an employer can extend this date and the job posting will reappear on the EXB.

Question: Is there a resume database and does your fee allow access?

Answer: Yes there is a jobseeker database but access depends on the type of plan chosen.

Question: What kind of marketing structure do you have in place for selling this service?(i.e. Make it easy for search engines to find your vacancies – think what keywords job hunters will use and how strong is the website’s ranking.)

Answer: Meta keywords makes the site searchable by most search engines, in addition links from other government sites are being pursued.