The Employment Exchange Bureau represents the commitment of the Tobago House of Assembly aimed at providing a synergy between employers and jobseekers particularly in Tobago. With an electronically driven central database, the Employment Exchange Bureau (EXB) provides an opportunity to persons seeking employment to search available online job postings and submit resumes online. The EXB will be housed within the Information Technology Centre, Division of Finance and Enterprise Development and the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) and provides the necessary information to both the employer and the jobseeker. The EXB, easily accessed via its website can be used by employers to post available vacancies within their organizations. This service is also an asset to unemployed jobseekers as well as employed persons wishing to change careers. A computer and an internet connection are all that are required to create and upload information to the database. The EXB is capable of providing the following: Access to the employment information database from anywhere in the world Access to employers to post jobs to the employment information database from anywhere in the world Electronic collecting, uploading, storing, retrieving, and amendment of information Easy categorization and verification of jobseekers’ information postings. Convenient avenue for employers to list job and manage job postings as well as track applications and search for résumés. Check us on Facebook.



Employers wishing to advertise vacancies within their organization must first register online using the company’s registered email address. Once registered, employers will be able not only to advertise job vacancies, but they will also be able to search the database, receive applications and upload their company logo. Resumes of jobseekers are only made available to registered employers. Employers pay an affordable annual subscription fee to access the employer benefits on the website. Included in the many advantages available to employers when they use the EXB versus newspaper advertising are: Full e-recruitment services at reasonable costs Links can be established from the EXB website to the employer’s site so that jobseekers can take a closer look at the company and its offerings An EXB job description is immediately accessible, and can be immediately altered, whereas newspapers need lead time The effectiveness of an individual’s posting can be evaluated by monitoring the number of “hits” to posted EXB job descriptions. Resumes can be quickly sorted and prioritized online using identified criteria while paper resumes would have to be read individually With 350 million Web users worldwide, more persons would have access to a job posting on EXB than one in a local newspaper.



Individuals wishing to search or apply for advertised job vacancies must first register on the website using a valid email address. After registration, a jobseeker can access the auto-scrolling window (ticker) which shows registered jobs and a display of those job summaries. Searches may be performed based on the category into which the prospective job falls, or its location. To apply for a job, the registered jobseeker will be asked to create an online Curriculum Vitae or upload an existing resume. Any jobs that are of interest may also be saved under the user’s registered account. Access and use of the Employment Exchange Bureau (EXB) is at no cost to the jobseeker. For further information or to schedule an appointment, users should dial “211”.