Who we are

The Tobago Information Technology Limited (TITL) is a “Special Purpose Company” of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) reporting to the Secretary for the Division of Finance and Enterprise Development. TITL is ideally headquartered in the suburban village of Signal Hill, Tobago, at the Information Technology Centre (ITC), the forefront of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services on the Island of Tobago. Tobago information Technology Limited (TITL) has gained recognition in the regional and international markets making headways with its innovative and unique services provided to our clients and stakeholders. TITL creates the partnership that delivers consistent customer experiences across all channels; we can identify your needs, propose cost-effective solutions and execute them in a flexible, functional plan resulting in additional savings for our clients. Let us be your Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner.

In its commitment to the development of the human resource capital of Tobago, TITL offers free, accessible to the general public, internet access and computer literacy training to residents from as young as five (5) years. We also provide 24-hour access to emergency service providers (TTPS, TTFS, TEMA, and TEMS), as well as facilitate a free emergency (medical) alert system (EAS / EMAS) for the occupants on the island of Tobago. Look for us in the 2013-2014 Who’s who in Trinidad and Tobago magazine.

Conceptualising the Tobago Information Technology Centre

The Tobago Information Technology Centre located at Signal Hill, Tobago, was born out of a bold initiative to establish a Medical Transcription Unit on the island. Erected by the Tobago House of Assembly in 2006, this Unit was envisioned as a viable commercial undertaking by the THA to serve medical professionals both locally and internationally, by converting medical records from oral and written forms to an electronic document.

Five years later, in 2011, this enterprise attracted a partnership with the Gillette Group of Companies and the initial undertaking was expanded to include a Contact Centre in addition to the Medical Transcription Unit. Although this relationship was short-lived, the then Secretary of Finance and Enterprise Development, Councillor Dr. Anselm London, nurtured the growth and development of the 211 Contact Centre. Its mandate was to bring the government and the people closer together.

Although the initial mandate of the 211 Contact Centre was to serve as a non- emergency ‘one stop hub’ from which people could obtain information on all Government services, it soon became fully established as a 24 Hour operation to accommodate calls of an emergency nature, ensuring that persons could access emergency services promptly and efficiently at the click of three buttons -211.

Today, the 211 Contact Centre has come of age. Tobago is the first English speaking Caribbean island to establish a 211 system which is now firmly instituted as one of four Units being managed by the TITL. The Tobago Information Technology Centre is now home to the cutting edge of telecommunications technology on the island.

Continuing to be a pioneer in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services with Tobago leading the Caribbean towards technological development.
To provide quality services to our stakeholders both domestic and foreign while stimulating growth and efficiency within the realm of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
TITL seeks to operate according to certain core values, namely: A commitment to be courteous; reliable; and to deliver efficient service at all times; Respect for ourselves and our customers; Availability for timely response to requests; Accountability and transparency in the managing allocated resources; Creation of an environment that fosters clear communication; and Tolerance.